About Chashou Rokubei

Rokubei is a teahouse with a backbone of about 200 years of family business, with a store near Daitokuji Temple in Kyoto. The teas we sell are not limited to Uji teas, we also provide special teas with originality such as "single origins limited to farmers" and "organic and pesticide-free" all over Japan.

We have the registered trademark "Ichigo Ichie (一期一会)" of Japanese tea. "Ichi-go-Ichie" is a famous word for the tea ceremony, which means "Knowing that this tea ceremony seat is a once-in-a-lifetime encounter, both the owner and the guest will do their best to each other." We believe that it is a "one-on-one meeting" for us to take good care of each and every customer through the tea business and to make them happy and enrich their lives.

About making tea and products

We purchase a variety of discerning Japanese tea from tea wholesalers and tea farmers around the world.

There are mainly blended tea and single origin (single farmer / single variety) series. We will introduce the goodness of blended tea that creates a unique taste, and the delicate and subtle differences in taste that a single field has like wine, according to the taste of the customer.

In addition to the "conventional cultivation" products of the normal farming method, we also provide many products that are healthy, such as organic tea and pesticide-free tea. There is a large selection of organic teas, from matcha to leaf tea, which are especially safe and have a high-quality taste.

We have the right to use the design of the national treasure picture scroll "鳥獣戯画" by Kozanji Temple in Kyoto, and use it to make high-quality packages.

In addition to Japanese tea products, we also handle Matcha cappuccino and tea confectionery made from high-quality ingredients. For tea tools, we provide such as luxury items such as Senke family, and as an original product, a furoshiki with a realistic arrangement of the design of the national treasure picture scroll "鳥獣戯画".

We thoroughly provide safe and secure evidence such as organic certification, production history, and radioactivity inspection.


Founded 1818
Established 2016
Address 〒603-8215
63-2,Shimomonzen-cho,Murasakino,Kita-ku, Kyoto,Japan
TEL: +81-75-493-0063
FAX: +81-75-285-4427
Representative Tasuku Inoue
Business Content Wholesale and retail of Japanese tea (green tea) and Japanese tea related products
Business content head office
Domestic direct sales store